Targed oriented COR/DSC control

Target oriented control to achieve a higher transport capacity. Instead of the classic choice, the customer enters the station of destination on the floor terminal. Then the control system efficiently assigns demands from the individual floors to specific elevators and the customer can see the number of the elevator meeting his/her demand on the floor terminal.

COR/DSC benefits:

  • Increased transport capacity in comparison with classic group control
  • Reduced waiting time for the cab arrival
  • Reduced operating costs by more efficient utilization of elevators
  • Simple interconnection of elevators by means of a bus system
  • Variant designs of floor terminals – touch screen or classic panel boards
  • Visualization, statistics and analysis of elevators’ behaviour

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Monitoring module for visualization of supervised facilities SOKOLÍK

SOKOLÍK is a universal device for the area of remote monitoring of machines by means of GPRS data communication.

Installation options

  • in the switchboard directly (without 12 VDC supply and back-up supply)
  • separate box installation with a monitoring device, mains and back-up power supply


Basic assembly without switchboard 


SOKOLÍK 4 (4 inputs)

For simple, inexpensive monitoring of basic states of the given device:

  • fault
  • service
  • power failure
  • emergency signalling
  • in the case of escalators, upward travel, downward travel
  • safety circuit failure, power failure

Visualization is executed by the LEMON system.


SOKOLÍK 16 (16 inputs)

 For more demanding applications with monitoring of the given device operation

  • fault
  • service
  • power failure
  • emergency signalling
  • door state
  • cab position

Visualization is executed by the LEMON system.





Connection to the monitored device is executed by means of 4-16 discrete, optically separated sensing inputs for 12-24 V, which are connected to the monitored technology.

If any input of the device changes, the device sends a data message to the supervisory server for further processing, by the LEMON software, for instance. Parameters are set up by means of SMS; in the same way, information on the device state, signal strength, back-up supply voltage etc. can be obtained.


Delivery method of SOKOLÍK 4 and 16 devices  

  • in a metal distribution board of approx. 300 x 400 mm with IP 20 protection
  • for escalators or by special request, a distribution board design with IP 64 protection can be supplied

rozvodnice sokolik

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