REVYT recovery unit

REVYT is a new recovery unit that can be installed in nearly every lift type. Recovery effectiveness will depend on the lift’s utilization. At the inlet, the controlled voltage converter measures the magnitude of DC voltage in the DC link and, starting with an adjustable value, transmits the residual energy to accumulators. Once the accumulators are fully charged, the excessive energy will be, in the usual manner, transformed into thermal energy at the braking resistor.


Properties of the REVYT recovery unit:
  • reduction of energy consumption and operational costs,
  • simpler and cheaper when compared to conventional recovery units returning the energy to the distribution system,
  • appropriate for medium-size lifts with a lower load level,
  • excessive energy is transmitted to an accumulator and subsequently used for feeding the internal electronics of the lift,
  • the unit is placed in a separate metal cover with an indication device,
  • the unit can be connected to most frequency converters.


Parameters of the recovery unit::
  • input voltage: 550 - 700 V (depending on the frequency converter DC link),
  • max. input voltage: 800 V,
  • elimination of excessive loss output: using the original braking resistor of the frequency converter,
  • capacity of built-in accumulators: 2500 mAh,
  • output voltage: 24 V,
  • max. output current: 4 A,
  • weight: 4 kg,
  • dimensions: 210 x 380 x 120 mm,
  • working temperature: +5 – +40 °C.


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