Lift machines

For our lift technologies, we use

  • traction drives (gearless and gear types)
  • drum drives
  • hydraulic drives


Traction drives are designed for driving geared lifts with counterweights. Maximum travel comfort is ensured using high quality lift machines and frequency controlled drives.

Gearless synchronous drives

The most significant advantage of gearless lift machines is a higher efficiency of the drive combined with lower operating costs for power consumption, a quieter run and increased travel speed of the lift.

For our installations, we use ZETATOP gearless lift drives from the renowned German manufacturer ZIEHL-ABEGG.
This drive offers all the advantages of a modern synchronous motor with permanent magnets. It is compact and can be installed using various methods, even into the smallest lift shafts. In this type of drive, the quality and smoothness of travel is unbeatable. The certified brake can serve as a safety element against uncontrolled and inadvertent movement of the cabin (ČSN EN 81-1 + A3). By combining the Beta Control lift and the ZETATOP drive, you will obtain the highest possible technical performance of your lift.



Gear asynchronous drives

The advantage of gear machines is lower acquisition cost and a simple substitution of the original drive. However, their disadvantage is higher level of noise and higher power consumption. The drive includes a motor, transmission, double-acting brake and traction disc.

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Drum lifts are lifts without counterweights, the suspension cable is wound on the drum of the gear machine. The advantage of this drive is the possibility of maximum utilization of the space of the lift shaft.

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The lifting force of the hydraulic drive is supplied by an electrically driven pump which supplies hydraulic oil to the linear hydraulic motor acting directly or indirectly on the cabin. Lifts with hydraulic drives are most frequently installed in buildings with two to six landings with a lift height of up to 22 metres and a max. speed of 0.80 m/s.


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