Cabin control panels

In the manufacturing of the original Beta Control control panels, we place emphasis on reliability and simple design in stainless or colour variable varnished versions. The control panels are usually fitted with anti-vandal buttons and a whole-coloured graphic TFT LCD display which displays the indication of the lift position and also pictures according to customer requirements (e.g. advertisements).
The specific dimensions and versions of control panels are based on individual customer needs.

Cabin control panels

  • Classic cabin panels
    • standard short type for building in the provided hole in the inner structure of the cabin
    • material: stainless – ground
  • All-cabin panel
    • custom types and dimensions
    • material: stainless – ground, stainless – polished, Komaxit

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Vybavení kabinových ovladačů:

Equipment of cabin controls:

  • Braille type on buttons
  • Dallas reader for the possibility of using chips when operating the lift from the cabin
  • Above-standard, an RFID reader for contactless chips can be installed in the cabin.

The control board of the cabin controller is equipped with electronic elements for connection of a matrix (DotMatrix) display of the cabin position or for use in higher type series for a full-colour graphic LCD display.


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