The lift control unit handles communication with landing buttons, controls the cabin electronics, communication to the centre via GPRS or Ethernet (Kk Webrman application).

The unit

  • collects requests from landing buttons and cabin panel, processes them according to set, requirements and transfers instructions to the drive control unitBC-NELA-LCS.jpg
  • receives instructions for changing parameters from the centre
  • transfers diagnostic and operating data to the centre

In the variant without a machine room, the lift control unit is located in the door frame.

Lift drive control converter

The Frenic Lift and Zetadyn 4 frequency converters used are designed for the control of

  • gear machine with asynchronous drive
    • with pseudovector control (without encoder)
    • with direct vector control (with encoder)
  • gearless machine with synchronous drive.

In the variant without a machine room, the drive control converter is located in the lift shaft.

Frenic Lift

An extremely robust converter with a high overload capacity developed especially for lift technologies.

Zetadyn 4

A converter designed for installation into the switchboard or on the wall in the machine room or lift shaft. It allows operation of the lift drive without contactors.

                                    frenic               menic zetadyn4


Cabin control unit ITAB II:

  • reads selections from the cabin panel
  • controls the position signals, confirmation of selections and cabin lighting
  • reads the positioning system
  • controls automatic doors

Inspection travel box

The inspection travel box enables the service staff to control the cabin easily and to perform service checks quickly. revizn jzda

Pitbox for installations in the pit

Multiple controller for shaft lighting, STOP switches and 230 V plugs.

Lift emergency alarm

The emergency alarm allows two-way voice communication from the lift cabin to the service centre and to the mobile phones of the emergency service crew.
The Beta Control emergency alarm system meets the requirements of ČSN EN 81-28 for two-way voice communication and data transfer, ensuring:

  • automatic control of the emergency alarm function
  • automatic preventive control of the backup power supply
  • alarm to service staff when people are trapped in the pit or in the space above the top lift landing
  • recording of alarm occurrence time, alarm confirmation and its resolution
  • confirmation of rescue performed

Kk-Cemol (GSM)

An emergency alarm from the lift cabin to the monitoring centre or to the mobile phone of the emergency service via GSM. In the Czech Republic, the delivery can include a special T-Mobile SIM card designed for Beta Control lift applications.

2N Single Talk (fixed line)

A communication module for fixed lines. It is usually used in public buildings with continuous service in the lodge in which the fixed line is brought to the switchboard or machine room of the lift.


Local service communication inside the lift (machine room, cabin, cabin roof, pit).


Communication between the cabin and a designated fire station.

Shaft components

  • landing buttons with cabling
  • safety circuit (STOP button, door, OR, etc.)
  • shaft lighting

Backup power supplies of the lift

  • Backup power supply for emergency alarm → located in the switchboard
  • Backup power supply for emergency rescue → located in the switchboard or shaft
  • Backup power supply for travel to the landing in the case of a power failure → located in the machine room or shaft
  • Backup power supply for evacuation lift → located in the machine room or shaft


Kk-Webrman application

  • provides monitoring of the reliability and safety of the lift operation (user and service diagnostic data)
  • processes alarm messages (emergency alarm, lift failure)
  • creates analyses for technical support
  • creates analyses for technical support and user and service diagnostic reports

The application runs on the server in the centre and is accessible via the Internet.


A software application running on Beta Control’s server handling the management (scheduling and execution) of servicing for operated lifts according to standards applicable in the Czech Republic.

Other components

  • access system
  • security of the machine room
  • security of the switchboard





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