The electronic application for the control of BC-ELA lifts is a set of hardware and software products for the control, monitoring and management of lifts.
The application is available lift variants both with and without a machine room.
In the case of the variant without a machine room, minimum demands are placed on construction work – the switchboard and Kk-Webmon control unit are integrated into the door frames and the drive control converter is located in the lift shaft.

Advantages of the system

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Comfortable setting (even by mobile phone via Bluetooth)
  • Contactor-less design → quiet operation (<30 dB)
  • Energy class A → energy cost saving
  • Remote control of the lift allows:
    • recording failures
    • recording service actions
    • recording operating data
    • provision of user exports for service companies and lift operators
  • Management of servicing of operated lifts: online records of repairs and inspections
  • Possibility of connection with access system and VIP lift
  • Security of the machine room or lift switchboard
  • Possibility of setting time windows when the lift is in operation (e.g. at night) in VIP mode → useful in publicly accessible institutions, e.g. hospitals
  • kShort standardized time of connection – approx. 3 hours


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