Control electronics

Beta Control’s control systems are developed with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction of both service companies and end users.
To achieve this aim, emphasis is placed on these criteria:

  • Easy installation = long-term reliability
    The readiness of the system for installation minimizes the occurrence of errors during installation which could later affect its safety and long-term reliability.
  • Modern and well-tried components = high quality guarantee
    We use components from renowned suppliers with guaranteed quality control. Our aim is not the lowest price, because our experience shows that a low input price usually leads to high costs after several years of operation. So our aim is quality at reasonable price.
  • energy class A = low operating costs
    In spite of the extensive content of functions including the complementarily offered Safe House, the control system combined with the recommended drive meets the requirements for energy class A for lifts in apartment buildings.
  • E-service (web service) = on-line lift operation control and increased safety
    Self-diagnostics of the control system combined with online lift control from the centre via the Internet supports increased service quality.
  • new functions increasing the safety and comfort of house residents = higher comfort
    Link to the access system, VIP lift, smoke detectors, etc. 

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