Intercom BC-ELA.IC

The Intercom (IC) is designed for service and fire communication for lifts. The IC system enables two-way interactive communication.

The Intercom (IC) is designed mainly for service communication between the cabin space, on the cabin, in the pit, in the machine room (or in the switchboard in the case of the machine-free variant), for communication with a remote phone (up to 200 metres) and the fire access station:

  •          BC-ELA-IC.COP – for installation into the lift control panel,
  •          BC-ELA-IC.CAB – for installation on the cabin,
  •          BC-ELA-IC.SCU – for installation into the switchboard (machine room),
  •          BC-ELA-IC.PIT –  for installation into the pit,
  •          BC-ELA-IC.REP – remote phone up to 200 m,
  •          BC-FFF.PPP – controller with IC designed for the fire access floor.


Every IC is fitted with the talk button which, when pressed, transmits sound to the other ICs.

 BC-ELA-IC.COP001mensi    BC-ELA-IC.REP002mensi      BC-FFF-spojene



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